At Inspire Therapy we provide a range of online training courses. These are delivered by experienced Board Certified Behaviour Analysts, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists.


Inspire Therapy is an ACE (Authorized Continuing Education) approved center. We offer a range of online courses that can be accessed free of charge covering relevant topics for practicing Behavior Analysts and Assistant Behavior Analysts. To obtain a CEU credit for attending a course, the course must be watched in full, a short quiz completed and payment for the course made. 

Please see our CEU accredited courses below. 

Pre-session pairing 1 CEU 

Pairing is used to describe the initial process of building rapport with a student/ client.

Parent training 1 CEU

Kate Grimes, BCBA, SLT explains the importance of establishing rapport with parents and the cultural consideration. This training is aimed to assist professionals to support parents. Research studies show that Parent Training help reduce parent stress, improve family interactions, and improve child treatment outcomes. and improve child treatment outcomes.

Classroom behaviour Management 2 CEUs

Kate Grimes, BCBA will discuss strategies to help support teachers with one or more children with behavioural needs in the classroom. This training will also look at the following behaviour strategies:  - Good behaviour game  - Group DTT versus Individual DTT  - Peer attention  - Peer tutoring/buddy systems  - Guided notes  - the timeout ribbon response card

Increasing Social Interactions in School  2 CEUs

Kate Grimes, BCBA, talks about how we can use different strategies and ideas to increase social interacts among students in schools. She also discusses how we can set programs up and the steps we can take when engaging with people around the child to help them.

Generalization of Skills into the classroom  2 CEUs

Kate Grimes, BCBA speaks about research around the topic of generalizations of skill into the classroom. She covers the following topics: -Why does generalization fail - What to teach students in therapy sessions? - How to make generalization work? 12 strategies - How to set up the classroom for success - Checklist for RBTs and teaching professionals.

School Refusal Training  2 CEUs

In this training Kate, BCBA at Inspire Therapy will focus on the following details:  - Define school refusal behaviour  - Summarise findings from three research studies  - Describe the SRAS-R and how it will support school refusal behaviour  - How to use a shaping programme in supporting school refusal

Language Matters: making the case for changing the way we communicate  1 CEUs

In this training Shannon Eidman, M.Ed., BCBA, M.Ps.S.I talk about how language plays a big role in how we communicate with our clients, parents and other individuals supporting the child. Shannon also discusses research studies about the importance of using simple language instead of using technical jargons.

Mediator Model to Train New Staff  1 CEU

This training was delivered by Margaret O'Flaherty, BCBA and Clinical Director of Virtual Behaviour Services.  Margaret talks about training your staff effectively using the mediator model approach  Learning objective- Introduction to the mediator model Adult training  Training New Staff Individuals Vs Group Training Formats  Behaviour Skills Trainings

Supporting Receptive and Expressive Language

Kate Grimes, BCBA, SLT at Inspire Therapy, will guide you through strategies to help build your child's receptive, expressive language and social interaction skills.

Supporting Language Development in the Early Years (ages 3-5)

Jemma Gadher, Senior Speech and Language Therapist guides you the topic of supporting language development in the early years.

Functions of Behaviour

Understanding the functions of behaviour can give us a better understanding of a child's behaviour and the alternative strategies that can be used to replace problem behaviour.

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