Online Training

Online Training

At Inspire Therapy we provide a range of training courses. These are delivered by our experienced Board Certified Behaviour Analysts, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and ABA therapists. We provide training covering a wide range of topics related to supporting communication, behaviour, fine and gross motor skills and sensory integration.  Training courses are provided online through our teaching platform and in person at our clinic in Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

Supporting Receptive and Expressive Language

Kate Grimes, BCBA, SLT at Inspire Therapy, will guide you through strategies to help build your child's receptive, expressive and social interactions.

Sleep training at home

Through this course, Sarah Keane, BCBA at Inspire Therapy focuses on the following areas:- The importance of sleep and routine  Common sleep problems Strategies for resolving sleep problems Designing a sleep intervention  Monitoring your child's progress

Classroom behaviour Management

Kate Grimes, BCBA will discuss strategies to help support teachers with one or more children with behavioural needs in the classroom.

Supporting Language Development in the Early Years (ages 3-5)

Jemma Gadher, Senior Speech and Language Therapist guides you the topic of supporting language development in the early years.

Functions of Behaviour

Understanding the functions of behaviour can give us a better understanding of a child's behaviour and the alternative strategies that can be used to replace problem behaviour.

Supporting Attention and Listening in Home Learning

This is online course  has been developed to support you and your child in accessing home learning effectively.

Pre handwriting and handwriting

Senior Occupational Therapist, Rachel Cotter guides you through the developmental pathways to good handwriting, the key skills required to master handwriting, the signs and symptoms of a handwriting issue and when to seek support. Finally, Rachel shares with you her top tips and tricks to improve your child's fundamental skills to achieve their true handwriting potential.

Pre-session pairing

Pairing is used to describe the initial process of building rapport with a student/ client. Kate Grimes, BCBA, SLT at Inspire Therapy explains pre-session pairing, skills required and some common questions.

Parent training

This training is aimed to assist professionals support parents. Research studies show that Parent Training help reduce parent stress, improve family interactions, and improve child treatment outcomes. Kate Grimes, BCBA, SLT explains the importance of establishing rapport with parents and the cultural consideration.

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