Medical/Allied Health Online Courses - Classroom Behaviour Management 2 CEUs at Inspire Therapy

Classroom Behaviour Management 2 CEUs

Price: 100.00 AED

This training will look at some strategies and practical activities that can help manage the behaviour of a group of students in the classroom. These strategies can be used to help support teachers with one or more students with additional needs in the classroom.

Kate Grimes, BCBA, aims to help build up your understanding about how behavioural principles can be applied in the classroom and also build up teachers and therapists confidence and success in supporting the behaviour of students in the classroom.

This training will cover the following Learning Objectives:

1.How to use the 'Good Behaviour Game'
2.Differenciate between Group DTT versus Individual DTT
3.What is peer attention
4.Discuss peer tutoring/buddy systems
5.How to support engagement using guided notes
6.Discuss how to use the timeout ribbon

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