Claire Dennis

Claire Dennis

Hi! I’m Claire. Raised in a small beach town on the east coast of Australia, I grew up in the ocean and as a part of a close-knit, active community.

I studied a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in 2014 where I completed 4 years of full-time study and 1,080 hours of clinical supervised work placement. Following graduation, I went on to work in a major hospital on the Gold Coast, Australia, in neurological rehabilitation and acute care. I worked with people, ages 0-100 to aim in achieving their goals and engage in meaningful activities.

I am passionate about helping children to participate and promote independence in the areas of education, leisure, self-care and play. I believe this is best achieved whilst working closely with their family, teachers and school environment. I strive to do this by completing comprehensive assessments to guide therapy interventions in assisting the child to thrive at home, school and within their community. I have a special interest in paediatric neuroscience and how the neurological system affects how children interact with their environment.

In my spare time I like to swim in the ocean, go on outdoor adventures with my husband, catch a pretty sunrise or sunset, complete an annual triathlon and play sports such as touch football. I enjoy living in the United Arab Emirates as there is a lot to do and explore, along with a lovely multicultural community.


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