Medical/Allied Health Practitioner Kauthar


Hi, my name is Kauthar Ally and I’m all the way from South Africa!

I graduated in 2019 from Stellenbosch University with a Bachelors in Occupational Therapy. I was fortunate to be on the Deans Merit List for the duration of my studies and selected to be part of the International Golden Key Society, offering many opportunities to further my networking circle and allowing me to be part of volunteer programmes in my spare time.

As part of the requirements of the DOH in South Africa, I served my Community Service in a rural district hospital with little access to resources. This harnessed my ability to think critically, encouraged innovative thinking and developed my still to utilise resources wisely while providing the best patient care. I was exposed to a variety of diagnoses and independently headed neonatal, neuro-rehabilitation, paediatric units and school-based settings. I’d often embark on home visits going over and above to see my patients functioning independently and affording them the opportunity to gain meaning and purpose in their lives. This is what makes going to work a blessing every day.

I later went on to work at a school for Intellectually Disabled children, bridging the gap between school and work. Thus, providing opportunities for learners that have special needs to integrate successfully into society.

It is here where I discovered my passion for paediatric school-based intervention. With my innate sense of playfulness, children immediately feel safe around me and most of all have fun in a therapeutic, research-based manner! My main concern is functional independence and using the child’s strengths and interests to facilitate success in their school and home environment.
It is of utmost importance to ensure that all role players feel supported and included in the child’s Intervention. I am a firm believer in the holistic support of the child’s teachers and caregivers, ensuring skills gets transferred into various areas of the child’s occupation.

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