Medical/Allied Health Practitioner Somer


Hi there! My name is Somer pronounced (Summer), I was born in India and lived there till the age of 12, after which I began calling Dubai my home.

Like most people, I aspire to make a difference in our world, and since I have always been fascinated with human behavior, I found myself drawn to studying Psychology. I graduated with a BSc in Psychology with counselling skills from Middlesex University in 2020.

Over the past few years, I have worked with children with various needs across different settings, including children specialist hospitals as well as schools. I am currently working as an ABA therapist with Inspire Therapy. In my opinion, a person’s career should essentially help them find meaning in their life and leave them feeling fulfilled by the end of it. I am glad to have begun my career, working in a field where I have the opportunity to constantly grow, especially on a personal level. Partaking on a child’s journey in reaching their highest potential always brings about immense levels of joy. I am privileged to experience this daily!

I have always been at peace when surrounded by nature; this is why I enjoy hiking or doing some yoga at the beach. I love keeping myself active, whether it be playing football, or going for a run with my dog. I am also a keen reader and have always found writing as an outlet to express myself!

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