Medical/Allied Health Practitioner Sonia


I am Sonia Khan and I am from Lahore, Pakistan. I have done my MSc in Psychology from the University of the Punjab, Lahore. I have served in the education field for 5 years and worked as a school counselor in Pakistan and then moved to Dubai in 2015.

I am a Registered Behaviour Technician and deliver ABA therapy to children with developmental delays such as autism, ADHD, etc. My experience includes working with children in mainstream and special settings. I worked on 1:1 instruction with children with Autism and other developmental disabilities to promote the development of functional communication skills, support independence with adaptive living skills, collect clinical data and track progress.

I joined the ABA team with the vision to help and promote children of determination by providing them with excellent services. I am extremely passionate about helping and supporting children with special needs and their families. I strongly believe in play-based learning and fostering independence in children. I provide support to the teacher at school and help them in writing and implementing individualized education plans.

My aim is to educate society and spread awareness about autism and other developmental disabilities in children and believe that providing early intervention therapy can improve a child’s overall development, I especially want to serve those people who have special needs children in their families but cannot afford treatments.

At leisure, I enjoy traveling or going out shopping. 

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