Managing Behaviour At Home Courses


Are you struggling to manage your child’s behaviour at home? Does your child have difficulties with attention and listening in academic activities and following instructions around the house? Our 10- week parent training course is here to help you!

This 10 week training course is designed to support development of your child’s attention, listening, behaviour and communication skills at home. The course will cover the following areas:

  1. Describing behaviour and understanding behaviour principles
  2. Using reinforcement to your advantage
  3. Setting goals for your child at home
  4. Prompting and prompt fading
  5. Why behaviour happens?
  6. Strategies to put in place before behaviour happens
  7. Strategies to put in place after behaviour happens
  8. Teaching new skills part 1
  9. Teaching new skills part 2 
  10. Measuring progress

This training session will be completed for one hour every week in an interactive format with video demonstrations and scenarios to support your understanding of key concepts and how they can be applied when supporting your child.

Each session is recorded so that you will have the material available to review at your convenience.

The course fee is 950 AED per person. This includes six- month access to the videos, hand- outs and teaching materials. The next course will start on Sunday the 19th April at 3pm. 

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